About the project

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Visualise Your Travel Stories in a Second, Access Anywhere, Touch with Your Hands

Advisor.Travel introduces a new, much simpler way to organise your photos, posts and check-ins across multiple social networks into a beautiful Travel Stories — in just a few clicks.

Today’s travel market is huge with more than 1.1 billion travellers annually worldwide according to World Tourism Organisation with many companies fighting for tourist pouches: selling tours, tickets and goods, suggesting best places to sleep, eat and rent. We at Advisor.Travel would like to focus on a more heartwarming things — travellers' memories.

When travelling, people are fond of making numerous photos, sharing them across popular social networks, writing about what they've seen and where they've been to, and upon return - to have memories from the trip to be built as nicely illustrated stories (even if photography is not among one's top skills). Those Stories should be easy to read, informative and ready to share with friends in a few clicks. But doing so is a time consuming process.

“Everyone here at Advisor.Travel are excited about travelling! Sightseeing, exploring cities and natural monuments, learning about nations history and habits — we’d like to know everything. And at certain moments of your life, everyone wants to lean back and immerse in one's memories. But what means do we have to remember our old trips? Tons of photos on our drives? Posts on our walls in Facebook, long forgotten? That’s when we came with the idea to create a new service, helping such travellers as we are to create and store our Travel Stories — the way we like it, both online and in real life books”.

We suggest a much easier and pleasant way — automatization. Advisor.Travel’s Travel Stories are built as a web service that provides an ability to create travel stories fully automatically with beautiful presentation. You should only link your Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Instagram or other social network accounts, and your travel history will be built automatically, enriched with useful and interesting information and photos from our sources. In just a few clicks you will get the online representation of your travelling, which will be updated automatically later on, and would be able to either download it in a form of nicely looking PDF or customised screen-saved or order as a printed book, ranging from a simple pile of 10x15cm photos to luxury leathered photo book with professional designed layouts.