Fotografije Uglich Hydroelectric Station

Arriving at the Uglich locks by Yvon from Ottawa

We are here entering the locks at Uglich to bypass a large hydroelectric dam built in 1939. The dam created an artificial lake measuring 143 km in length and up to 5 km in width. The lake flooded important historical monuments in Kalyazin (see previous photo) and in Uglich. The beautiful arch spanning the lock was built to celebrate the victory of Russia over Nazi Germany during WWII.
Uglich Hydroelectric Station (Русский: Угличская ГЭС) je turistična atrakcija, eden od Hydroelectric power stations v Uglich , Rusija . To se nahaja: 284 km iz Yaroslavl', 484 km iz Kalinin, 520 km iz Ivanovo, 550 km iz Cherepovets, 610 km iz Mo... Read further
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