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Leave A Rock by IceNineJon

The sign by the highway best explains this one:

"According to tradition, there was a large farm known as Laufskálar on about this site, but it was destroyed in the year 894 in the first recorded eruption of the volcano Katla. The neighbouring farm was Dynskógar, home of the settler Hrafn hafnarlykill, and the region was known as Dynskógahverfi. Sources state that there were 24 doors on iron hinges at Laufskálar. The lava mound, which is known as Laufskálavarða ("Laufskálar Cairn"), was named after the farm. Everyone passing by it for the first time was supposed to add a stone to bring him good luck on his journey. The Public Roads Administration has moved a supply of stones to the site to enable modern travellers [sic] across Mýrdalssandur to continue this tradition."


HDR from three incremental exposures (-2, 0, +2).


In September 2011, my wife and I went to Iceland for a two week honeymoon. The trip was such an incredible experience. We started in Reykjavík and drove around the outside of the county counterclockwise. Although we made hotel reservations ahead of time, our day to day itinerary wasn't planned in advance so we could see/do whatever we felt like.

Iceland is such a diverse and amazing place. I've never seen such beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and an assortment of scenery anywhere else. One moment you're walking on a glacier and the next you're hiking through a lush landscape to a waterfall. Mid to late September seemed like the perfect time of year to go. There were no crowds at any of the sites, we had our pick of where to stay, and the weather was fantastic.

If you've never been to Iceland, photos (mine or anyone else's) don't really give it justice. It's somewhere you have to see and experience in person.
Katla je velik ognjenik na južni Islandiji. Je zelo dejavna; med letoma 930 in 1918 je bilo zabeleženih 20 izbruhov v časovnih presledkih 13–95 let. V zadnjih stotih letih ni prišlo še do nobenega močnega izbruha, vendar so se domnevno nekajkrat poja... Read further
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