Fotografije Nellcôte

Nice, France by justenoughfocus

This is a section of Nice where cruise ships dock and people come ashore on a tender. That's what I was doing when I took this picture.

While waiting for transport to other parts of Nice, I walked up and around the narrow streets. It was in the middle of summer and hot. I remember trying to decide whether to have a beer or ice cream to cool down. My only hesitation was that it was nine in the morning so I opted for ice cream.

The famous beach is west of here, but since I live close to beaches in Florida, I visited other parts of the city including an art colony in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. As that was up on a small mountain, it was a little cooler, but still quite warm. I ended up getting a beer there, but it was midday at that point. Such are my memories of ice cream and beer.
Nellcôte je turistična atrakcija, eden od Coastal construction v Villefranche-sur-Mer , Francija . To se nahaja: 14 km iz Nica, 17 km iz La Trinité-Victor, 465 km iz Torino, 485 km iz Marseille, 740 km iz Milano. Read further
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