Fotografije Nice Observatory

TeleVue with new Moonlight unit by Astrocatou

1985 (?) TeleVue Genesis (Astromart 2011)
101mm aperture @f/5
Nice and fast

This is a great scope...and well bought in my opinion....
But running up and down to the Observatory (with a laptop) at minus 15C to manually adjust the focus was a pain,and limited my use of it.
Sooner or later I was going to drop the darn laptop...or fall down the (icy) steps,or both.

So I treated myself to a motorized drawtube.(Moonlight)
Once again prompt delivery and installed easily.
Purists may note the use of hockey tape to give the hinged rings a good grip on the guide scope....
(Canadian Tire, $3.50)

This setup ran well last year, with 30 minute subs,as seen in my comment
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