Fotografije Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square by szeke

A photo from my archives, taken in the Summer of 2004. Looking at these photos brings back good memories.

First used Imagenomic Noiseware to clean up the noise and PS Smart Sharpen (just 50%).

Then used Photomatix Details Enhancement on a single JPEG, keeping the saturation down. I think the single image processing works better when the image is free of noise.

In PS:
- Nik Tonal Contrast except the clouds.
-Nik Contrast Color Range on the water to bring out the color a bit more.
- Used Curves with a radial gradient mask to darken edges.
- Nik Graduated Filter to warm up the clouds a bit.

Experimented with adding color to the clouds (like Joanot), but I can't get it to look nice.
Trafalgar Square (Trafalgarski trg) je ena izmed turističnih znamenitosti Londona. Na sredini Trafalgarskega trga je spomenik admiralu Horatiu Nelsonu, ki je 21. oktobra 1805 za Angleže izbojeval pomorsko bitko pri Trafalgarju. Imenuje se Nelsonov st... Read further
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