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Brussels Airport

Airports in Bruselj
Brussels Airport
Brussels Airport — Maciej Deliś
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Brussels Airport is a tourist attraction located in Bruselj, Belgija

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Tips & Hints

Koen Blanquart
Koen Blanquart 5. august 2011
Welcome in belgium. If you would like to feel life as in the dark days of russian communism, including a total lack of customer care: visit the railwaystation in the airport.
Eduardo Arcos
Eduardo Arcos 17. january 2010
There are three Starbucks in this airport: departure hall, concourse A and concourse B. Departure hall has a 24 hour service.
Brussels Airport
Brussels Airport 4. november 2013
Brussels Airport offers 1 hour of free wifi to all passengers. Search for the 'Brussels Airport' wifi network, fill out the registration form and off you go.
Cody Griggers
Cody Griggers 15. september 2014
Ridiculously complicated login process for just 30 minutes of free internet. Come on; it's an airport. People are in a hurry and they aren't staying that long anyway. Could be much more user friendly
Ross Frazier
Ross Frazier 7. january 2011
Travel safely! Remember to be happy & smile, getting upset @ delays or lost luggage will only make it worse!!! Having a good mood toward the personnel @ airports will get you a very long way!
Simone Chiaretta
Simone Chiaretta 19. march 2011
At the Belgian Beer Cafè it's better to drink a beer: it costs less then water and coffee
Sarah Wong
Sarah Wong 24. january 2014
Eat breakfast before you go to the departure area...Exki 5 euro for coffee, juice, and a will get only a coffee for that on the other side.
Peter Beurghs
Peter Beurghs 2. august 2013
Instead of seeking very expensive wifi, drink beer and taste chocolate. No need to check FB every minute, or work day and night. The cemetary lies full with irreplacable people
Johan Bockstaele
Johan Bockstaele 26. june 2012
Check Brussels Airport Facebook page on Friday's. You'll get a discount codeword for Starbucks.
Antonio M ♠
Antonio M ♠ 16. december 2013
Don't waste your time looking for the cheaper store to buy your chocolates: all the shopkeepers have adopted the same prices to avoid competition. Just buy it in the first store you meet.
Tine Putzeys
Tine Putzeys 15. april 2012
Forgot a see through resealable bag? The vending machine just before security sells 2 bags for 1€. Much cheaper than the ones at the tax free shops
André Cunha
André Cunha 7. february 2011
In the transfer walking belts, there is a very cool ad of some energy company which basically shows the passing people through a thermoelectric camera. :D
Tom Leyden
Tom Leyden 4. november 2011
Yay for the new ticket scanners
Jan Van der cruysse
Jan Van der cruysse 16. april 2013
Did you know that on average, 550 people check in here on 4sq, every day?
Justin De Moor
Justin De Moor 10. november 2012
If you arrive here: buy a coffee at Starbucks first and then pick up your luggage. They almost need the same time to get your luggage on the belt...
Yann 12. august 2011
Don't stress
Jet Airways
Jet Airways 5. april 2011
Flying in First Class? Choose between table service & self service along with a shower to keep you refreshed, at our Brussels Lounge. If you're flying Première, you get to dine in a cosy buffet area!
Dennis A. Van Poucke
Dennis A. Van Poucke 30. october 2010
De beste plek om van de grond te gaan!
Kimberley Si
Kimberley Si 10. april 2014
Wifi enfin gratuit ( mais seulement 30min' )
David Crunelle
David Crunelle 7. july 2013
Le personnel au dessus de 45 ans est parfait bilingue. Anglais-Neerlandais.
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